Drug Detox Huntington Beach

Detoxification is an essential stage of drug abuse recovery. The process removes toxins from the body and helps individuals effectively end dependence on drugs. If proper care is not administered, severe health problems may develop. Drug detox helps resolve addictions to opiate, xanax, oxycontin, cocaine, meth, prescription pills, and designer drugs.

Medically assisted detoxification utilizes specific medicine that can reduce withdrawal symptoms without complications.  Clients will be supervised by a certified doctor with specialties in addiction.  The primary treatment goal is to ensure a successful recovery with almost no dependency on medications.

The drug detox program also involves addressing the emotional and behavioral conditions that lead to addiction.  Clients receive education and counseling in our programs that allow them to be more aware of the realities of drug addiction and its effects on personal relationships, including family and friends.

Drug detox is only the initial step on the long road of recovery.  To ensure the most success and full sobriety, emotional and behavioral conditions must be addressed as well.

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