In addition to treating Substance Use Disorders, Apollo Recovery is licensed to provide all levels of care including the treatment of most co-occurring disorders (SUD primary) such as:

  •                Trauma
  •                Eating Disorders
  •                Bipolar
  •                Borderline Personality Disorder
  •                Attention Deficit Disorder

Our skilled clinical staff has extensive Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health training, and includes the following medical and paraprofessional:

  •                Board-Certified Addiction Specialist, MD
  •                Licensed Psychologist
  •                RD (Registered Dietitian)
  •                RNs (Registered Nurses)
  •                LVNs
  •                Psychiatric Technicians
  •                EMTs
  •                MAs
  •                CNAs
  •                Trained Detox Technician


Help Is Available 24 Hours a Day