Heroin Addiction Huntington Beach

Heroin is among the most addictive drugs in the world. It has a white or brown powder appearance, but can also take the form of a black, sticky substance. It is derived from morphine and can be administered into the body through various modes, including smoking, inhalation, or injection. It causes short-term euphoria, clouded thinking, and depressed breathing. An overdose can lead to a fatal outcome for the user.

As a prescription pain-killer, heroin has an addictive quality due to the method in which they are consumed and how they alter the natural processes of the brain. They influence the processes in the brain that produces pleasure and minimizes pain. Users fall addicted to heroin because they seek the feeling of pleasure, euphoria, and power that comes from use.

At Apollo Recovery, clients are recommended to undergo heroin detox in a closely monitored environment. Long-term users are especially vulnerable to withdrawal symptoms. Apollo provides a monitored setting that maintains the health of clients as they undergo recovery.

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