Individual and Group Therapy Fountain Valley

The professional addiction treatment specialists at Apollo can provide extensive individual therapy for clients in Fountain Valley. Clients meet with a qualified counselor for a 3-10 day detox program. Our counselors can provide detox and assist in recovery from drugs such as Xanax, meth, prescription pills, oxycontin, cocaine, and opiate.

One of the top recommended methods for treating drug addiction is group therapy. Through this approach, counseling is provided in a group setting. Participants in the group exchange their experiences and struggles with addiction, and establish a network of support with each other.

Group therapy can be administered within or outside of the treatment center. The groups are managed by addiction specialists who are highly experienced in the recovery field. Some groups can also be managed by recovering addicts, using their past experiences with addiction to guide participants.

Extensive peer support is essential for addicts looking to overcome the effects of addiction. Working alongside fellow recovering addicts can help individuals form new coping strategies and receive constant support. These are the reasons why group therapy remains one of the most popular approaches to treating drug and alcohol addictions.

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