Meth Addiction Huntington Beach

Individuals addicted to meth experience extremely harmful and long-term mental health effects. Users under the effects of addiction can experience negative effects to their social, work, and family life. This makes withdrawal extremely difficult for most clients at Apollo Recovery in Huntington Beach.

Meth detox can be a particularly challenging and complex process. It involves multiple stages of recovery that are littered with potential roadblocks. In some cases, individuals report that they have trouble sleeping after ceasing drug use. The best chances for success can be achieve with the utmost in commitment, effort, and diligence.

Apollo Recovery places clients in a detox program that is closely supervised. Prescribed medications are available and can be taken in conjunction with regular check-ups by a qualified physician. Clients can also be involved in group and therapy, which addresses the emotional and physical effects of withdrawal.

If you believe meth addiction is affecting someone close to you, Apollo Recovery offers a safe rehab and detox facility. To discuss treatment options, call us and schedule a consultation.

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