Methadone Addiction Huntington Beach

Methadone is generally a remedy that addicts use to help with quitting heroin and other drugs. It reduces or blocks the enraptured feelings that are produced from heroin use, making cessation easier for users. However, it can also lead to a new addiction to methadone. Users who have used methadone excessively experience difficulties functioning without regular use.

Methadone withdrawal can be a challenging and difficult process. Those who have ceased used report experiencing anxiety, sweating, and back pain. The most common withdrawal symptoms are increased heart rate, insomnia, irritation, hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, and drug cravings.

The withdrawal symptoms make the quitting process particularly overwhelming. At Apollo Recovery, men are treated in a facility that is monitored, supervised, and developed for managing addictions. Detox can be successful if affected individual maintains a commitment towards achieving lifelong sobriety. A detox program consists of an initial assessment, client monitoring, and counseling.

If you believe methadone addiction is affecting a friend or loved one, please contact Apollo Recovery to schedule a consultation.

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