Daria Wendkos
Program Director

Daria possesses more than a decade of experience in the recovery field. She received her Associates Degree in Human Services from Saddleback College and also holds a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies. She further supplemented her education by studying at Chapman University. She is a CAADAC counselor who has worked in alternative sentencing and as a lead case manager. She connects with her patients in a unique and effective manner, understanding the social, cognitive, and mental factors that affect them. She is passionate about assisting her clients on the journey towards recovery.

Kristen McKnight
Chief Executive Officer

Kristen is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founding members of Artemis Hill Recovery, Inc.  Kristen is responsible for the daily operational leadership of our company.  Kristen’s passion for recovery and her personal and professional experience help guide our dedicated staff of trained professionals. She began her career in recovery as a nurse specializing in detox treatment.  It was there, while helping clients through the difficult, yet essential, first steps toward recovery, that her vision for Apollo was born. Kristen’s commitment to providing quality of care in a safe and nurturing environment continues to inspire our clients and staff, and serves as the foundation for Apollo’s mission.

Patrick Moretta
President of the Board of Directors

Patrick is one of the founding members of Apollo Recovery Inc. and has held previous positions as a public school educator and administrator. He has worked for over 40 years and serves as a dedicated pastor. His experience in education has been used to manage the well trained team at Apollo. He has contributed to developing a world class, client-centered, and employee-focused business. He has worked with several families whose lives were affected by the negative effects of addiction, but he also shared in the joy of many others who experienced successful recovery. As the son of a father and stepfather affected by addiction, Patrick understands the devastating effects addiction can have on the family. He turned to God for help and learned about addiction, refocusing his life to help those in need turn their lives around. Patrick is also available for pastor services, whether for speaking or prayer.

Patrick Moretta
President of the Board of Directors

Lizzy Green
Chief Financial Officer

Joe Leary
Compliance Officer

Jeff Green
Facilities Manager

Christie Duran
Assistant Director of Marketing

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