Oxycontin Addiction Huntington Beach

OxyContin was originally developed as an analgesic for pain relief. It produces similar effects as drugs such as morphine. Its application is controlled so that it is prescribed under medical and physician supervision. Despite these limits, users continue to use OxyContin for non-medical purposes.

Based in Huntington Beach, Apollo Recovery provides accommodation for men affected by Oxycontin addiction. The treatment facility recognizes individual needs and provides support for a comprehensive recovery. To avoid unintended harm, users are recommended to undergo Oxycontin detox under the supervision of a qualified physician.

When individuals develop a dependence on OxyContin, they experience harmful risks similar to heroin addiction. Any individuals suspected to have an addiction must be under regular supervision. This process presents a set of emotional and physical challenges for individuals.

Apollo Recovery delivers constant support for clients seeking full recovery from OxyContin addiction. For further discussion about our recovery program(s), please call (714) 594-7300 and schedule an appointment.

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