Rehab Huntington Beach

Apollo Recovery Inc. has a team of specialists and counselors that offer a comprehensive plan for treating drug and alcohol addiction in men. We manage a program that locates the primary and secondary reasons clients are pulled towards addiction. For any individuals affected by addiction, the road to recovery is laid out at Apollo Recovery rehab in Huntington Beach.

Addiction treatment specialists and rehab counselors based at Apollo share decades of experience and has helped many clients navigate their way towards successful recovery. We are available for most days and hours as we aim to be active in providing clients with unparalleled recovery services.

For alcohol addiction, our strategy involves identifying detox symptoms and preventing more serious consequences through proper treatment. Some of the symptoms of alcohol detox include seizures, delirium, insomnia, strokes, heart attacks, and more. At Apollo Recovery Inc., we provide medications that help reduce withdrawal symptoms and minimize the occurrence of seizures.

Drug detox is also a major part of our program. The detoxification process involves removing toxins from the body and helping individuals overcome their dependence on drugs. By providing proper care at the right time, severe healthy problems can be avoided. With medically assisted drug detoxification, we can reduce withdrawal symptoms and prevent any additional complications.

Our mission is to maintain a facility that is developed and optimized for comfortable, efficient recovery. We provide treatments and services that ensure our clients are treated with the utmost kindness and compassion. Each individual has the opportunity to make a better change for themselves and realize a healthier future. The journey starts here at Apollo Recovery Inc.

Help Is Available 24 Hours a Day