Suboxone Addiction Huntington Beach

Suboxone is generally designed to counter the effects of taking opioids. It specifically reduces its withdrawal effects. While suboxone addiction is rare, but regular use or abuse can occur. Individuals may choose to take them without a prescription in higher doses than recommended. To elevate the effects, some users choose to mix them with other drugs such as alcohol and benzodiazepines.

The signs of abuse include unusual behavior, fast use of the drug, and frequent delivery of it. The effects of extensive suboxone use include irritability, sleeping problems, constipation, jitteriness, flu-like symptoms, and more. While these symptoms may seem minor, it doesn’t mean there are no consequences with constant use of suboxone.

The first stage of suboxone abuse treatment is detox. Most affected individuals will be tapered off the drug gradually until they reach 2 mg per day. Following that milestone, they will be withdrawn from the drug completely. This stage will be followed up with counseling and therapy, which details the motivation and reasons for addiction. The final stage may involve a 12-step program, which will provide support towards achieving a healthier life.

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