Xanax Addiction Huntington Beach

Xanax rehab and treatment is necessary due to the physical addiction that patients experience when using this drug. It is typically used for treating anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It changes how GABA, a chemical in the brain, acts. This changes creates a pleasant feeling or euphoria for the user.

Programs and treatment provided under medical supervision can help reduce the effects of withdrawal from Xanax. They can occur when the brain becomes adapted to the presence of Xanax and reacts when it is no longer available. At Apollo Recovery, intensive counseling and behavioral therapy is provided to help patients reclaim a normal, healthier life.

Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities

Both inpatient facilities and outpatient facilities can help with the treatment of Xanax addiction. Outpatient facilities are recommended if an addiction needs to be treated before the brain and body become fully dependent on the drug. An inpatient facility is necessary when abuse has become an addiction. This means the GABA receptors in the brain are affected by the presence and absence of Xanax.

Treatment Approach

Treatment in a professional facility is recommended for individuals under an addiction. Generally, users will receive medical assistance by a licensed and qualified professional. During the detoxification process, this is needed to minimize the impacts of sudden withdrawal. The goal of medical detoxification is to allow the client to focus on psychological rehabilitation without experiencing cravings. Once detox has been achieved, the client will work with an addiction treatment counselor. Additional options include peer support groups, which help with the ongoing recovery process.

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